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Getting the Right Lawyer for Your Real Estate Transaction

Why use the settlement services of Thomas L. Hunter, P.C.? Because buying or selling your home is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make. For most of us, our home represents by far our largest single lifetime investment. However, numerous issues can arise in a real estate transaction. Many of those issues can only be addressed by an attorney including the following:

  1. The obligations of the parties as set forth in the contract, including which of those obligations continue after the closing has occurred;
  2. The legal effect of the closing documents;
  3. The effect of exceptions in a title commitment or policy;
  4. The legal remedies available for resolving any title issues;
  5. The seller’s obligation to disclose any physical defects to the property (such as a leaky roof);
  6. Whether zoning regulations will prevent or limit the intended use of the property; and
  7. How title should be vested and the effect of legal entities such as corporations and limited liability companies.

Our experienced real estate attorneys can also advise you if you wish to buy a foreclosed
property. We can advise you as to what to expect when buying at a foreclosure sale. Sometimes the foreclosure sale has already occurred and the bank is the seller. We can help protect your interests in that situation as well.

Thomas L. Hunter and Mark A. Stallings handle the real estate transactions for our firm. Each has at least 15 years of experience and are CRESPA certified, bonded and insured. We are always available to speak with you. Please let us know if we can help.

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