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Personal Injury Newsletters

Criminal Conversation with a Spouse

Under the common law, there was a tort for criminal conversation with a spouse. Although most states have enacted statutes that abolished the tort, there are a few states in which a spouse may bring an action against a third party for the tort.

Federal Volunteer Protection Act — Exceptions

The federal Volunteer Protection Act (VPA) grants immunity to a volunteer who causes harm to a person while the volunteer is performing services for a nonprofit organization or governmental entity. However, under some circumstances, a volunteer is not immune from liability for such harm.

Tort Law — Procedural Law

Apart from legislation granting a right to sue for a specific harm, personal injury law generally consists of tort law and the civil procedure for enforcing it. This article discusses the civil procedure for enforcing tort law.

Torts in Hockey

Hockey is one of the more dangerous sports in which one can participate. It also involves a risk of injury to spectators at the ice rink as well. This article addresses the potential recovery by spectators and participants for injuries that they might receive during a game.

Torts in Snow Sports

Injuries are common in snow sports because of the dangerous nature of the activities. Under certain circumstances, an injured party may be able to recover for injuries that are caused by improperly maintained conditions or equipment.


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