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Defending your rights when you are accused of a drug crime in Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake and surrounding communities

Each drug possession defense attorney at Hunter Law Firm in Hampton has experience developing an effective defense to help individuals accused of drug crimes obtain the best possible results for their cases. Penalties for drug crimes under Virginia law can be severe. It is vital that anyone facing charges obtain the skilled legal support of our drug crime attorneys as soon as possible after arrest. With offices located in Hampton, Gloucester, Chesapeake and Williamsburg, contact us today for legal counsel.


In the State of Virginia, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on anyone who possesses, distributes or sells methamphetamine. Meth is a Schedule II drug — meaning the government considers it to have a high potential for abuse. As a result, if convicted of even simple possession of methamphetamine, you could face up to ten years in prison. Experienced and aggressive, our attorneys can stand by your side and help you create a solid defense. If you need assistance with any type of drug charge, do not hesitate to contact an attorney at Hunter Law Firm

Our Hampton drug crime attorneys address the unique issues of each case

The severity of penalties for drug convictions is based on a number of factors, including the following —

  • The Type of Drug — Virginia law classifies drugs based on the potential for abuse when compared with other drugs. The least severe classification is for Schedule V drugs, which include codeine-based cough medicines. At the opposite end of the scale, Schedule I drugs, such as heroin, Ecstasy, and LSD, are considered to have a high potential for abuse with no legitimate medical application. Although marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug, it is penalized differently than other drugs in this class.
  • Activity — Penalties vary based on specific activities. Those in possession of a prescription drug not prescribed for them are likely to be fined without prison time, while those in possession of marijuana and other drugs can receive both fines and prison time. Convictions for selling drugs — or possession with intent to sell — can generate more severe fines and jail sentences.
  • Quantity — The amount of drugs involved can point to intent and may create more severe penalties.

At the drug crime law firm of Thomas L. Hunter, P.C., each drug crime defense lawyer carefully reviews every detail of the charges against our clients.

Our Hampton Roads drug crime attorneys thoroughly investigate every detail

The details behind criminal charges must be thoroughly investigated, but it is only one part of the equation in building an effective defense. Each attorney for criminal defense at our firm seeks to identify mitigating circumstances to help get charges reduced. Clients throughout Hampton Roads can be assured that a lack of a prior criminal history, special medical needs, or any other issue is used effectively in their defense whenever possible.

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