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Virginia Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Deliver Strong Advocacy

Hampton Roads firm upholds the rights of those who have been charged

If you are charged with any kind of sex crime, you need prompt legal assistance. Without a team of experienced attorneys by your side, you may lose your reputation and your freedom. For more than 35 years, Hunter Law Firm has stood up for the rights of Virginians accused of committing sex crimes.

We understand the stress, frustration and devastation a sex crime accusation can inflict upon you and your family. Regardless of the nature of the charge, we work quickly to provide support and develop a strong defense. Our litigators are highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable. To find out more about how our team of trained professionals can help you fight a felony or misdemeanor sex crime charge, reach out to us at one of our four offices located in Hampton, Gloucester, Newport News and Chesapeake.

What acts are considered sex crimes?

Various types of sexual misconduct are prohibited under Virginia law, including:

  • Sexual battery Charged as a misdemeanor, sexual battery can trigger a jail sentence of up to 12 months and a maximum fine of $2,500.
  • Aggravated sexual battery Prosecutors may bring an aggravated sexual battery case if they believe the defendant engaged in unlawful sexual contact with another person through force, coercion or while using a weapon. Depending on the circumstances, a conviction could trigger a prison term lasting as many as 20 years and $100,000 in fines.
  • Rape Engaging in sexual intercourse without the other person’s consent carries one of the strongest penalties, possibly even life in prison.
  • Statutory rape Adults are not permitted to have sexual relations with minors, but the penalties differ sharply depending on the age of the victim and other factors.

At Hunter Law Firm, our tenacious team of criminal defense lawyers will review the facts, assess your case and create a strategy to help you obtain the best possible result, which might be a dismissal, acquittal or sentence reduction.

What can be charged as a federal sex crime?

Certain types of sexual misconduct involve interstate activity, and if you’re charged with one of these crimes, you might face a federal prosecution. Federal cases involving accusations of sex trafficking or unlawful internet pornography are tried in a completely different justice system than state crimes, and defendants face potentially harsh mandatory sentences upon conviction. When you’ve been targeted by the U.S. Attorney, you need a defender who is familiar with the relevant law as well as the rules and procedures used in federal criminal matters.

Firm works to keep individuals off the Virginia Sex Offender Registry

Sex offenses are unlike other types of crimes in that a conviction will put you on Virginia’s Sex Offender Registry, possibly for the rest of your life. This database is public and searchable, so becoming listed within it could seriously affect your career and personal life. Even a misdemeanor sexual battery charge, which carries a jail term of up to one year, might negatively affect you years after you’ve served time. Aggravated sexual battery and other felony crimes carry even tougher sentences, with life in prison possible for the most serious charges. With this in mind, presenting a strong defense is critically important to help you avoid an injustice based on unsupported allegations.

Contact an experienced Virginia defense lawyer if you’ve been accused of a sex crime

A successful defense against a sex crime accusation requires a reputable and highly qualified law firm. To speak with the experienced Virginia attorneys at Hunter Law Firm about your criminal defense matter, contact us online or call one of our four convenient offices.

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