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Traffic Violations Attorney in Newport News

Driving is a privilege, not a right. If drivers disregard Virginia traffic laws and operate their vehicles irresponsibly, the penalties can be quite costly. As a result, it is always worthwhile to contact a reputable lawyer after receiving a traffic citation of any kind.

Each traffic ticket lawyer at Hunter Law Firm has substantial experience representing clients accused of a variety of traffic violations, from speeding to reckless driving. Since 1986, we have stood by residents of Hampton and Newport News.

Depending on the severity of the traffic offenses, drivers can expect negative repercussions, including the following —

  • A ticket for speeding, reckless driving, or other moving violations
  • Demerit points that remain on the driving record for two to 11 years, depending upon the severity of the offense
  • An increase in auto insurance premium rates
  • Suspension or revocation of driving privileges

Reckless driving or speeding in excess of 80 mph, involuntary manslaughter, and driving under the influence (DUI) are among the most serious violations. They are punishable by six demerits and can remain on your driving record for 11 years.

Experienced attorneys assisting clients with Hampton speeding tickets

The Hampton speeding ticket law firm of Thomas L. Hunter, P.C. is experienced in the defense of clients accused of all types of traffic offenses. We regularly represent Newport News clients in state and federal courts. Our traffic attorneys understand that penalties, fines, and jail time can impact your life. We successfully represent clients in traffic-related violations such as the following —

  • Moving and non-moving violations
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • DUI (driving under the influence)
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Leaving the scene of an accident

Since the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles records every accident or moving violation a driver has, demerit points can really add up and spell trouble over time. For example, habitual offenders in Virginia can lose their driving privileges after receiving three major traffic-related convictions or 12 minor traffic-related convictions within a ten-year period. It is a felony to drive after one is declared a habitual offender.

Virginia laws are especially tough on drunk or drugged drivers. Penalties for a DUI conviction can include the following —

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08 percent
  • First offense — $250 fine, license revocation for one year
  • Second offense — $500 fine, license revocation for up to three years
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.15 percent
  • First offense — five-day jail term, among other penalties and fines
  • Second offense — ten days in jail plus other penalties and fines

At Hunter Law Firm, our traffic lawyers conduct a vigorous defense to have charges reduced or dismissed. Our goal is to help clients in Newport News, and Hampton restore and retain their driving privileges. If you or someone you know is charged with a DUI offense, contact a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer at our firm as soon as possible.

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If you need to speak to a Newport News attorney regarding any traffic offense or violation, the Law Firm of Thomas L. Hunter, P.C. offers professional, economical, and efficient legal representation. Please contact us online or call one of our four convenient offices.

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