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What To Do After A Car Accident

What should you do when you’ve been hit in a car accident?

Car accidents can be life altering events and most people will suffer an accident at least once in their life. Insurance industry numbers point to people being involved in a car accident about once every 18 years or so. This means that throughout the course of your life, you may be involved in 3 to 4 car accidents.

Car accidents can result in serious personal injuries. Pain and suffering, missed work, expensive medical bills, any injury can quickly become a financial burden. Fortunately, the Hunter Law firm specializes in assisting people who have suffered personal injuries as the result of a car accident or other circumstances. If you, or a loved one, have suffered a car accident, please call and schedule a free consultation.*

Given the high likelihood of being involved in an auto accident, it’s important to be prepared for when the time comes. You must make sure you take the right steps in the minutes and days after the accident. This includes both responding at the scene, and preparing for any legal steps needed. The more serious the accident, the more quickly you need to react, and the more vital it is to contact an attorney.

At the Scene: Focus on Health & Safety

If you are still at the scene of the car accident, it is important to make sure that everyone is safe, and that the police and emergency services have been called. At this stage, do not admit fault, do not apologize, and generally avoid talking about the accident itself. Emotions will be running high, and confusion is a near certainty.

It’s smart to use your smartphone to record both the scene of the accident and any conversations you have. Let other people involved in the accident know that you are recording as well. Whatever you do, do not leave the scene. Also, make sure you hold your temper. Even if the accident was not your fault, remaining calm and level-headed is vital. Don’t yell or curse at other people. Take a deep breath and stay focused.

Call 911 immediately so that medical professionals and the police have been alerted. Lives are more important than property, so make sure you check on anyone who may have been injured. Unless there is an immediate danger, such as a car being on fire, do not move anyone who is injured. If you must apply first aid, make sure you do so very carefully and gently. 

When talking to the police be honest, present your side of the story, and choose your words carefully. Do not admit or imply that the accident was your fault. If you believe that the accident may have been your fault, you could simply avoid talking at all until you have sought out post-accident legal advice.

The Next Step: Explore Your Legal Options

Once the accident scene itself has been secured, it is smart to start considering your legal options. It’s wise to reach out for a consultation even before you get in touch with your insurance company. The more serious the accident, however, the more quickly you need to get in touch. A simple fender bender might not require legal intervention, but permanent or serious injuries almost certainly will.

Legal advice is vital if you or anyone else has been injured in the automobile accident. There are many other situations that may also merit legal intervention. If fault is clearly an issue, meaning one party (you or another) likely caused the accident, it’s wise to seek advice from a lawyer. If the police don’t seem to be impartial or file a police report that seems unfair to you, make sure you obtain legal advice.  It’s especially important to contact a lawyer if your insurance limits are low. If your insurer is acting oddly or sends weird signals, make sure you contact a lawyer and tell them about it.

Lawyers can help you recover costs associated with your personal injury, including not just damage to your car and medical bills, but also lost wages and punitive damages. With the Hunter Law Firm, we do not collect fees until you have been compensated. Ultimately, when it comes to car accidents, a well-trained lawyer can provide vital legal advice and services, saving you from many headaches down the line. Again, if you have been injured in a car accident, it is especially important to seek legal advice as lawyers are essential when personal injuries have occurred.

*Call for details.

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