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Why Hire A Lawyer To Help With Your Workers’ Compensation

In this do-it-yourself world, it may seem the first choice to handle workers’ compensation claims on your own.  However, there are a myriad of reasons as to why this path could lead to a denied claim, delay in payment, and even leaving money that is owed to you “on the table.” COMPLEX FORMS TO COMPLETE: Read More

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Hunter Law Firm Announces New Chesapeake Southside Location

For the convenience of our clients, The Hunter Law Firm has opened a new Chesapeake/Southside office.   This new location is in the Churchland Medical and Professional Center, 3800 Poplar Hill Road, Suite G, Chesapeake, Virginia.  Accompanying the locations in Hampton and Gloucester, the Chesapeake office makes the third office location in Hampton Roads for the firm.  Read More

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Can Your Criminal Record Be Cleared And Rights Restored When Charged With A Crime?

In today’s economy it is hard enough to find a place to live, a good job, or even credit without adding the hurdle of a criminal record.  Many landlords choose not to rent a house or apartment to someone with a criminal record.  Many employers have rules restricting individuals with a criminal record from employment.  Read More

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Changes In Tax Laws And Their Impact On Estate Planning

The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA), commonly referred to as the “Trump Tax Cuts,” made significant changes not only to income taxes, but to estate taxes as well.  Many of these changes may impact your estate plan, and could warrant a review of existing documents, or even the development of a new plan Read More

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Apportionment Of Military Retirement In Divorce

Navigating a divorce has many layers of complexities.  Navigating a divorce in a military marriage has added layers of complexity.  One of those added layers is the issue of apportionment of military retirement.  In a Virginia divorce proceeding, a military spouse is not automatically entitled to receive a marital share of the military member’s disposable Read More

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Preserving Your Case: Preparing And Retaining Evidence

Most people are familiar with the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove.” Unfortunately, this phrase is too rarely put to practice by small businesses and individuals engaged in business.  In every consultation one of the first questions I ask clients, after they have shared their facts with me, is what Read More

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Automotive Insurance Coverage Unpacked

As a personal injury lawyer with over twenty years of experience, the most important advice I give to friends, family, and clients often has more to do with insurance than it does with law.  Much of what I do deals with the facts and circumstances of each individual case.  Where, when, and how did the accident Read More

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